Johansson Family

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Final Result

Final places are determined by the total number of laps you have run. So with what we completed before we were out, we ended up in 22nd place. That is out of 71 entries.

Could have been worse!

Just about 10 minutes after we went out, another car flipped about 5 times right in front of our pit. This is his wheels sticking up in the air after he came to rest. This picture right as it happened, the race was still going on and the green and red car was swerving around the flipped car. The driver was fine. That is bill in the blue jacket with white stripe, the second person on scene.


With just 19 minutes left, and after over 13 hours and 40 minutes of racing the Johansson Brothers Racing Supra gave it up. We think it was a piston that broke, but it died. We are out.

Scott driving towards checkered flag

Carl gives some info on track conditions to Scott during the final drivers switch. It is 2:01 and the race goes until 3pm. We currently sit in about 21st place.

Carl Now driving- 2 Hours to checkered flag

Car still running fine, John brought it in, now Carl is driving. We had to come off a second time for fuel, because the pumps were not pumping during out first stop, so that kind of hurt us, but we are in about 25th place. Duct tape still holding. By one informal count, about 35 of the 70 cars that entered are still in the race.

Duct tape still doing it!

Carl signals Steve to come in so we can put John in the car. So far so good on Coolant leak, the duct tape seems to be holding.

By the way, you should be able to click on the pictures to make them bigger if you want a better look.

Depending on duct tape

Steve is out driving. The car is still going, so that means the duct tape is holding the cooling system together. Just in case, Scott jumped in Grandma Dungan's Buick and drove the speed limit to the local Walmart to get equipment for the backup plan. So if the tape goes, we hope to go with plan "B" which is hose clamps from Walmart. So far they are just sitting there as backup.