Sunday, December 30, 2007

2 minutes to spare

We got the car started at 8:48am. It took 'till 9:05 to get it adjusted and running well enough to put on the track. The rest of the cars were already on the track running warmup laps. We then had to drive to the fueling station and fill up. We finally got on the track at 9:12am, and the green flag fell at 9:14. Todd, who is driving the first shift had one lap to warm up, then it was full-on racing.
We are off. We start the day in 39th place, continuing to slowly move up in the standings.
When you fuel you need 2 guys in full fire protection suits. Todd is in white putting in the fuel, Carl stands by in blue with the fire extinguisher. Here they are fueling under pressure, as the rest of the cars are already on the course, circling waiting for the start.

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